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Pokemon Sensation

Pokemon Sensation

First of all one month all the internet buzzing about Overwatch. But recently, gamers have a new hobby - Pokemon Go. Although the game is not yet officially available in our region, and go out the same in other areas of track are problems with servers that did not stop the players to share interesting experiences and demonstrate to Pokemon Go could be one of the most popular games of the year.

In short, if by some miracle the first time you hear of Pokemon Go, it is a free mobile game that uses a camera for augmented reality and GPS technology for the insertion of Pokemon in different places around you.

It turned out that Pokémon truly ubiquitous. Findings them by toilet bowls and public toilets, in pans, hospitals, morgues ... One user also recorded by capturing Pidgeyja while his wife was in labor, and one is Squirtle appeared on the coffin in the church. Of course, a good part of these appearances can be faked by using Photoshop, but it's still interesting to see the creative setting of Pokemon in the environment. Some people think that Pokemon GO is not good enough to live up to games like Pokemon leafgreen and similar.

Assembled or some interesting stories. In Wyoming, a noted 19-year-old players who are looking for Pokemon in nature found a body. In Australia, one police station publicly told the players not to gather around the station which serves as PokeStop. On Reddit they may find the experience of how Pokemon Go connects foreigners in that in public places known to gather and twenty people are looking for virtual Pokemon.

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